Serum: Trio Hero Pack

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Botanical Chemist Anti-Aging Skin Care Kits Serum: Trio Hero Pack
Botanical Chemist Anti-Aging Skin Care Kits Serum: Trio Hero Pack
Botanical Chemist Anti-Aging Skin Care Kits Serum: Trio Hero Pack
Botanical Chemist Anti-Aging Skin Care Kits Serum: Trio Hero Pack
Botanical Chemist Anti-Aging Skin Care Kits Serum: Trio Hero Pack
Botanical Chemist Anti-Aging Skin Care Kits Serum: Trio Hero Pack
Botanical Chemist Anti-Aging Skin Care Kits Serum: Trio Hero Pack
Botanical Chemist Anti-Aging Skin Care Kits Serum: Trio Hero Pack

Serum: Trio Hero Pack

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Can't decide which one you really want? Neither could we ❤️ Thats why we combined them all to make it not just affordable for you, we wanted to give you the chance to either give the best gift of the year or grab everything you need to have your skin glowing all year round.

Simply rotate between the 3 to get the best results and have them last all year.

Let us introduce our Botanical Hero's xx


Everyone's favourite the Immortelle Serum

A rich, hydrating blend of oils to soothe, hydrate and nourish skin. Rose Tuberose has a refined, sweet, up-lifting scent. Frankincense calms, hydrates and nourishes the skin and mind. Retinol 1% helps to smooth the appearance of fine lines and support collagen production ( best applied at night and use sunscreen or a moisturiser with sunscreen during the day). 

The star of the show is Immortelle oil from the plant Helichrysum Italicum, which grows on the dry cliffs and sandy soil in Italy, France, Southern Spain and the Balkans. It has been used in herbal health practices since ancient Greece for its skin healing properties. It has anti-microbial and antioxidant compounds that help promote skin cell regeneration, and is gentle even on sensitive skin.

Our Popular Rose and Argan oil Serum

A rich, hydrating blend of oils to decrease inflammation, even skin tone, prevent damage to skin by environmental stress and reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles.

Argan Oil has long been known for its ability to brighten and hydrate the skin and improve skin elasticity while Rosehip Oil, rich in Vitamin A and C, promotes cell turnover and collagen production. 

Rosehip Oil is also used as the base as it is rich in antioxidants and soothes and hydrate dry, sensitive skin. 

The star of the show are the different types of Rose oils we use to give this blend it's unique smell and fragrance, Rose Bulgarian in Jojoba Oil, Cape Rose Geranium, Rose Damask in Jojoba Oil, Rose Australian and Rose Tuberose.

Rose oils not only smell divine, with it's hints of David Austen roses and Bulgarian Roses, it is also calming to the senses, actually reducing cortisol and blood pressure, hence reducing stress and anxiety, and increases feelings of well-being and joy by promoting the release of endorphins, which are natural feel-good hormones, reducing the sensation of pain and enhancing a positive mental state. 

To make 1mg of this precious oil, you need about 3.5kg of rose petals!

Finally but not least is our Native Seed Oil with Kakadu Plum Seed Oil and Prickly Pear Seed Oil (great as a cleansing oil!). 

This new face serum is formulated with Prickly Pear Seed Oil, Kakadu Plum Seed Oil, Kunzea Oil, Pomegranate Kernel Oil, Lemon-scented Eucalyptus Oil and Wild Thyme Oil, with the base of Camellia Oil, which was chosen as it's a very light oil, rich in anti-oxidants and Vitamin E.

It has a refreshing scent and light feel. 

Kakadu Plum Seed oil has the world's highest concentration of natural Vitamin C, which absorbs easily into the skin and helps lightens and brightens skin, helping with collagen production and the antioxidants help to reduce damage caused by the environment such as UV radiation from the sun. 

Kunzea Oil is distilled from the leaves and twigs of the Kunzea plant ( Kunzea ambugiua or also known as White Kunzea or White Cloud). It is endemic to Australia growing primarily in North-East Tasmania. The oil has a clean, fresh scent and is known for it's anti-inflammatory effects on the skin and for sore joints and muscles due to it's high Alpha-pinene content. It helps soothe skin irritations, blemishes and rashes, and is well-tolerated on even sensitive skin. It can be highly beneficial for skin with eczema, dermatitis, pimples or acne, as it contains natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. 


Apply 3-4 drops to the skin after cleansing to promote a healthy and radiant glow. You can also seal in all this goodness by applying a moisturiser after the serum. We recommend our Manuka Night Cream, or Kakadu Plum Day Cream.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Big fan!!

I love all these serums . They are packed with goodness and feel amazing on my skin. It is hard to choose a favourite!

Kay P.
Serum trio

Once again I can only say how wonderful the products are.
The serum trio is really nice, my skin feels so much softer, & improved the skin.
Love all three

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Spray with a toner on clean skin, then massage a few drops of an oil serum, followed by a cream to seal in the oils. Just using an oil serum on it's own will not replace the moisture in the skin. Moisture or water is contained in a cream, not a balm or oil.

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