The DermaGen Story

As a mother and as a pharmacist, Karen Cheah knows topical steroids aren’t always an answer to skin issues in the long run. 
This is especially true where the skin is thinner or for babies and children.

Her young son developed severe eczema and, naturally, she wanted to help him find a way to heal it - and that meant taking a different approach. 

Dermagen by Botanical Chemist was the result.
Use Dermagen to cleanse, treat, boost and maintain healthy skin.

Break the itch-scratch-steroid cycle naturally.


Reduces the need

Reduces the need for topical steroids

Supports wound healing

Supports wound healing with a combination of Manuka oil, lavender oil, propolis and organic wild thyme oil.

Hydrates and moisturises

Hydrates and moisturises skin by restoring the lipid layer.

Uses oils and waxes

Uses oils and waxes to nourish the skin barrier rather than thinning it, keeping moisture retained.