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Product: Active 8 serum
Additional Information: Normal
Beautiful 😍😍😍

Such a beautiful serum leaves skin so soft & has improved my skin so much.. just ordered my second bottle..Beautiful product

Product: Dermagen bundle special
Additional Information: I have used, dermaid, many steroid creams, qv, sorbelene, aveeno, papaw, hemp, moogoo, cetaphil, Graham's, Robinson's, essential oils plus many many more

I have been using this stuff for around a week. The heat got to the back of my legs and caused a flare up. At first I was just using one of the creams but I think the eczema was too bad it didn't do a lot for me but I had only been using it a few days. So probably not enough time. How ever after ordering one one the packages that came with an oil, cream and soap I am seeing a huge difference. My eczema is no where near as itchy it has stopped stinging and my skin feels great. I will be swapping all my skin care to this brand I am truly blown away. Sadly I didn't take before and afters. The eczema is still there but it's getting better ;D will be recommending you guys.

Beautiful Creams - Very Rich Yet Light

They have a rich fruity/earthy fragrance (like plums) - A little goes a long way - It's rich yet light - Enjoy using both the day and night versions

Product: Rose & Argan Oil
Additional Information: Oily Skin
Beautiful Fragrant Oil

It's light and so fragrant - I really love this oil - Really light so I know it won't clog my pores - I adore the scent - it's a light tea rose fragrance

Product: Manuka Oil Balm
Additional Information: We noticed an improvement with my son’s rash and other dry skin conditions usually within 24 hours.
Avoided using antibiotics

My son had a non healing rash which I thought was impetigo. A doctor who saw it said it needed an antibiotic cream. Before I picked up the cream, I put on the Manuka Oil Balm and covered it with a dressing overnight. The next day the wound was almost completely healed!
We didn’t end up using the antibiotic cream at all. Very happy with this product as it has so many uses!

Utterly amazed with this lotion

I'm absolutely loving your products. I have very sun-damaged skin with a lot of sun spots and since using this lotion I'm pleased and utterly amazed at what it has done for my skin. This is by far the best skin lotion I have ever used and I'm so ever grateful for such an excellent product. Thank you!

Very acne friendly!

I’m someone who have always suffered with acne and this set has been so surprisingly compatible with my skin! I usually avoid any oils in skincare but have found my skin is often quite dry as a result. The natural oils however in DermaGen products, seem to be very acne friendly and keep my skin looking supple and feeling hydrated! I have loved the 3 in 1 soap especially as its ingredient list is compatible with my keratin hair treatments and also works well on my skin without any irritation. I love this set and couldn’t recommend DermaGen more l!

Product: PEA

I have heard a lot about this product and have been taking now for 2 weeks. I have started to notice a slight change in my psoriatic pain in my elbows and ankles, hopefully this will improve over time.

Product: Kakadu Plum Day Cream and Rose & Argan Oil Serum
Dry Skin Must Have

Kakadu Plum Day Cream and Rose & Argan Oil Serum are a great combination for a dry skin like me. These products gave me an intense hydration all day and night.

Product: Manuka Oil Cream
Additional Information: Eczema / psoriasis. I noticed a difference within days. I’ve previously tried MooGoo, Dermeze, Cetaphil, QV and Aveeno, plus many others!
My favourite ever skin product

The Manuka Oil Cream is incredible! I have seen huge improvements in my eczema and now rarely have to use the prescription creams that had previously been a necessity. It feels beautiful on my skin and is a joy to apply each day. After spending so much money, trying so many different lotions to help with my dry, itchy skin, I have finally found ‘the one’. Thank you so much!

Product: Bliss lotion

Bliss lotion is so good for joint pain. I have Fybromyalgia and find this product very helpful. Throughly recommend.

Product: Manuka Oil Beam
Good for skin

I found it is good when I apply it in my itch skin.

Product: Louisa
Liquid soap and shampoo

This product is good. My hair did not feel dry even I did not use conditioner. I recommend it.

Product: Tri pack
Additional Information: Sensitive and sun damaged.
Tri pack

Great product as I have a very sensitive skin and use the serum and moisturiser on my face with no problems. Will buy again, great product.

Feels great

I haven’t used enough to do a proper review, but the balm feels lovely. The lotion is quite runny and just pours out the tube a bit too quick. Feels lovely on though.

Eased flare ups

I've been battling hand eczema for about a year. I was using topical steroids to control it, but every time I stopped using it, the flare up would be so intense. I have now used this for 2 weeks and the flareups are minimal. Will keep using as it's very soothing and feels great.

Very happy

Since I received my sampler pack, I've been using the Skin Radiance Cream each day, and have also tried the Manuka oil Cream. I have frequent break outs of Rosacea, and this was the reason i thought to try to products. My skin is quite sensitive and I have trouble finding moisturizers that will suit. I have found the Skin Radiance Cream very good. It absorbs quickly into the skin and I can even use it on my eyelids without that heavy, oily feeling. I do find it seems to settle the Rosacea and make it less noticeable. I sometimes use one of the Balms in small amounts around the worst area of the flare ups, and it does seem to cool it down. Being an aged pensioner, I won't be able to afford all of the products, but I will definitely buy the Skin Radiance Cream for daily use.

This combination of products is a game changer

This acne and pimple pack has been an absolute game changer. Been taking Doxycycline & using acnatac topical gel to treat my acne for 10 months and have not had the results I desired. My girlfriend got me on to DermaGen after hearing great things about it. After one use of the liquid soap, active serum & the skin radiance my skin was noticeably less inflamed & the signs of healing were present. This is my routine morning and night. Highly recommend it to anyone suffering with acne and anyone who feels like they have tried everything.

Product: Propolis Balm
Baby's blessing

I’ve been using this range for awhile now, but never thought to use it on my newborn. My daughter was getting very dry, rashy and sometimes flaky skin. It was itchy and looked uncomfortable. I googled whether it was safe before using and consulted my doctor after using so many different products (cost me a fortune and did nothing). Two weeks after using, her skin looks amazing! I use the Skin Radiance lotion on her body and the same lotion but mixed with the Propolis Balm on her face. These photos don’t do justice but the improvement is incredible! Her skin is almost clear - it’s incredible. Very happy baby!

Product: Manuka Oil Cream
AMAZING! Manuka Oil Cream

I cannot recommend this company and their products highly enough. I have been suffering with an extremely dry face for just over 3 months, nothing I used was working! I decided to try the Manuka Oil Cream and within just 4 days my face was back to normal! Not only does it work but it smells and feels amazing. Karen has gone above and beyond to help me choose the best products and this is what customer service is all about!

Natural products

All the samples felt lovely on the skin and smelt so good.

Product: Manuka Cream; Manuka Oil; Propolis Balm
The products work!

My 5mobth old son suffers from Mild to severe eczema and I wanted to try alternatives to the steroids prescribed by the GP. The consistent use of the Manuka Cream, Manuka Oil and the Propolis Balm combination for 28 days has reduced the eczema significantly. I use these products for hydration and prevention of the development of further eczema for my son. Thank you!

Product: Propolis Balm
Additional Information: sun-damaged skin
Best product I've used, and I've tried many

I started using this Balm on my face with good results so then went on to lower legs and arms. All sundamaged areas (make that acreages - ha,ha.), so need big pot.
I have used many products over the years and yours is the best. Just thought you might like to know that you sent complimentary tub of Calendula and Arnica Balm with last order.
Also, love that and we use it on hands and arms as well.
Will be ordering again soon.

Product: The whole eczema range
Additional Information: Eczema, staph infection and steroid withdrawal
Severe eczema/staph infection/withdrawal from steroids

I stumbled across this brand on my instagram as a ad, and I thought to myself 'yeah right'. I spent the next 3 days heavily invested in getting to know this brand, products, what ingredients and where from..
Being in WA south West I instantly jumped on and brought everything the whole range for my 3 year old who has been suffering so so bad with eczema, staph infections, steroid withdrawals and allergies ontop.
This has been 100% game changer/life savour for my boy. There is absolutely nothing else ill ever use again on his skin with the first day of using dermagen we had instant results, to the 5th day it was clear skin. We forgot 1 day which resulted back to full blown red raw skin.
From the bottom of my heart thankyou so much for these beautiful products that are natural, smell amazing and 100% helps from the first use. These amazing products have been a life savour. We will never stop using dermagen ever.

Product: Active 8 Serum
Additional Information: Very dry and prone to redness.
lovely on mature skin

Absorbs quickly, leaving my skin feeling soft and moisturised.