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I just want to let you know I received my package of your beautiful products for my rosacea. I cannot believe this beautiful creams and serum ( Rejuvenating Serum). The first time I put it on my face I saw my redness fade. This is a miracle cream. I'm so ever grateful for your beautiful products. I will be forever using your amazing products :). Absolutely one happy customer. Thank you very much.

Don't knock it until you tried this!

I have a now 1yo who has sensitive and ezema patches for most of her life, intermittent flare ups that she scratches on until she bleeds. I have found her skin to very much settle down a lot more now, and the serum smells like a dream?! Would definitely repurchase once we finish!! Thank you for making such products!

I found the manuka oil cream to be quite runny so I used a smaller squeezy bottle with a seal (like a honey squeezy bottle) so it doesn't make a mess!

Product: Propolis balm and active 8
Had high hopes

The balm has a lovely pleasant smell, it’s greasy as balms should be but absorbs well. It does not sting or itch even on broken skin. I brought this to use in conjunction with the active 8 serum for my sons eczema. It’s been 20 days of constant use 3 times a day unfortunately it did not improve. It’s still raw, red, cracked and dry. Very sad this didn’t work for my sons Eczema

Moisture comfort

Used this to try to moisturize my skin as it's dry and flaky in the midst of TSW. It has a mild cooling effect and is comfortable and calming on my face and back.

Product: 30ml active 8 serum
Additional Information: In the midst of dry flaky stage and flare up cycles of TSW
Calming comfort

I'm going through topical steroid withdrawal at the moment. I have used the serum on my hands which are very dry and it gives me a level of relief tipped up with the skin radiance lotion.

It has soothed my face when I've had a cycle of flare up and the skin is cracked and sore.

Will definitely keep using this through my TSW journey.

Product: DermaGen balm

I ordered the dermagen balm for my granddaughter who has eczema and uses steroid creams to control it.
I applied it on one affected area in her inner arms at noon,and in 5 hours only I noticed the difference. Unbelievable! I just wish that I took a before and after picture to prove it. Amazing ! What a wonderful product. I thought I would need days to notice any progress,but it took only hours to work on her eczema flare.
So glad I ordered it and planning to get more soon.


I started using this cream about two months ago and it’s been so lovely. I have sensitive skin and it’s been much calmer since using this lotion. It isn’t too heavy or greasy but makes your skin feel soft and hydrated.
I also use the rejuvenating serum and they’re a perfect pair!


I ordered the testers. There's not much in there but you only need a little to spread on a large area. I have been trying the manuka oil balm as I have psoriasis. Have not noticed a difference yet but I have only been using it for 3 days . Maybe it needs more time. The smell is great

Product: Immortelle serim
Additional Information: I've tried native seed oil but prefer the Immortelle oil. The day / night creams . I didn't find the night cream worked . The six sample pots they were ok but some were almost empty when I opened them . Anyway I really like Immortelle serum so I'm happy.
Immortelle serum

This is such a beautiful serum . Works amazingly on my super dry skin , smells amazing and works really well under a moisturizer.
This is my third bottle.
An amazing product . Thankyou

Product: Dermagen Manuka oil bam
Additional Information: I’ve been suffering of ezcema for 8years
Love love love!

I’ve only used twice and I started seeing amazing skin became less flakier and less itch! Fantastic customer service too.
Thank you. Dermagen keep up you great work!

Effective and accessible

This formulation seems to work with helping me to get a great nights sleep! Since taking this I don’t constantly wake up and go back to sleep for what seems like all night…. My sleep has definitely improved 😊This is something I will keep taking.

body balms

i love the body belly butter

ylang ylang balm

I didnt receive this in my order as requested

Product: Manuka oil balm
Thank you

I started suffering with Atopic dermatitis due to ongoing stress and anxiety. It started on my eyelids, around my mouth and recently my fingers. After trying many creams including prescription i wanted to try something natural. After much research and reading i decided to give Dermagen ago. I highly recommend the the manuka oil balm it actually works! I use it every night before bed and I've had no major flare ups since! My daughter loves using the balm on her pimples also. Best of all there's No stinging, doesn't hurt my eyes when using it on my eyelids and around and smells amazing!
Highly recommend 🥰

Rejuvenating serum and cream

I’ve been using the rejuvenating serum and face cream for about 3 weeks and they’re amazing. I had heard about the benefits of blue tansy oil so when I saw it in a serum I had to try it. My skin is much more even in tone and feels so soft and hydrated. I’m starting to see the fine line soften so hopefully it continues to improve with longer use

DermaGen Manuka Balm
Product: Manuka Oil Balm
Thank you

I love the Manuka Balm…. I have suffered with exceptionally itchy lower shins and ankles…..the itch was driving me insane…..I’ve tried many other creams to no avail…..the first time I used the Manuka Balm I got relief from the itch….. I thoroughly recommend this balm….it’s worked like magic for me 😀👏👏🙋‍♀️

Product: DermaGen Liquid Soap & Shampoo
Additional Information: Sensitive skin, occasional eczema on forehead, occasional rosacea on cheeks
Another great product.

Using it as shampoo. I have fine hair, it leaves my hair light & shiny. I don’t even need conditioner with this. Lovely smell too.

Love this!

Very light but very effective moisturiser, love the cooling effect on my skin. I am only using it on my face but might consider using it as body moisturiser as well.

Product: Active 8 Serum
Additional Information: Sensitive skin, occasional eczema on forehead, occasional rosacea on cheeks
Love it!

Using 3 drops twice daily with the Dermagen Skin Radiance. Skin feels moisturised and soft. Easily absorbed. Love the smell!


I have been using the rejuvenating cream and it is amazing. My redness has nearly completely gone, my fine lines are much less noticeable and it is so moisturising that my skin is hydrated all day. It's a must have in your collection

Product: DermaGen Bundle Special
Additional Information: Atopic dermatitis have tried prescription cream and other products like moo goo and Aveeno
Great value

I started suffering with Atopic dermatitis due to ongoing stress and anxiety. It started on my eyelids, mouth and lips and recently my fingers. After trying many creams including prescription i wanted to try something natural. After much research and reading i decided to give Dermagen ago. The active 8 serum and manuka oil balm are a power force used together. I was blown away with how they worked. When I have a flare up i use these two products and within a few days my dermatitis is gone. I use the manuka oil cream everyday and love it. My daughter suffers from eczema so she uses it also along with the balms for pimples. No stinging, smells amazing and doesn't hurt my eyes when using them on my eyelids and around.
Very happy with how these products actually work. Will definitely be back. Thank you

Product: full whole range product for eczema (cleanser/oil cream/balm/serum)
Additional Information: topical eczema/contact dermatitis. most of the eczema product get in pharmacy.
magic cream

Immediately calm my itch when I first applied this cream without the serum to my inflame skin near my mouth area.
since then, I have totally stop using cortisone. Still on the road of recovery but everything looks positive especially just add the serum to the treatment.
The only downside is the texture is watery and easily overspill what you actually need. Best to put some into separate container for daily use.
Thank you, Karen and team had created. This wonderful products will benefit lots of us.

Product: DermaGen
Really does what it says

DermaGen Manuka oil cream is an excellent dermatitis cream. I have tried many different creams which have made no difference at all, some even making it worse. DermaGen has healed and stopped the incessant itch within a week of using it, I didn’t take before and after pictures because I didn’t expect it to make a difference
Thank you soo much to the makers of DermaGen

DermaGen Skin Radiance Lotion
Skin radiance lotion

Love this lotion have damaged skin from my younger days @ doesn’t irate my face

Amazing product

I have been using the massage butter and found it to be helpful in alleviating both arthritic pain in my thumb and also for tendinitis in both hands …the relief is very much appreciated…would highly recommend these products