Soaking up the sun's rays

When you get a tan, that golden layer is actually damage to the top layer of your skin. Soaking up the sun's rays (UV A and UV B) speeds up the skin ageing and raises your risk of developing skin cancer.

For more facts on UV radiation and skin cancer, visit The Skin Cancer Foundation website.

UV light damages fibres in your skin called elastin and collagen. Over time, too much sun exposure can cause wrinkles, age spots, scaly patches (actinic keratosis) and skin cancer. UV radiation also suppresses your immune system so it's important to take steps to support your immune system.

If you use Efudix Cream to treat actinic keratosis, using our Propolis Balm, Manuka Oil Balm or Active 8 Serum after the treatment will help soothe the redness, hydrate the skin, relieve the soreness and help the skin return to normal quicker.

Your skin is the most delicate part of your body and it needs special care this summer.

When you get a tan, that golden layer is actually damage to the topmost layers of our skins. Soaking up UV rays (UV A and B) speeds up the risk for developing cancers as well increasing wrinkles through photoaging effects caused by excessive exposure outdoors on sunny days; even at lower intensities.

What is a sun spot?

Sunspots are spots on the skin that are darker than your natural skin tone. Sometimes they may be slightly raised from the skin looking like a little bump. Sunspots usually appear in areas regularly exposed to sunlight like the face, hands, shoulders, and arms.

Here is a little fun fact - Originally, sunspots were thought to be tied to the health of the liver and liver disease, hence the term, liver spots. This turns out to be completely false as there is no connection between sunspots and the liver. Despite their similar appearance, sunspots are also not the same as freckles.

Sunspots on skin are a part of life. They occur due to sunlight exposure and age, and neither of those things are easy to avoid!

Skin changes as you age. Change can occur both in pigment and texture. Sunspots (also known as liver spots) are those little dark spots that can often be mistaken for freckles. This skin damage occurs by exposure to the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Sunspots usually appear in areas regularly exposed to sunlight like the face, hands, shoulders, and arms. Sunspots can appear on your scalp if you are bald.

They tend to increase with age as the skin has a harder time repairing the damage from ultraviolet light. 11 minutes of sun exposure produces more damage than the skin can repair in 24 hours.

Since most of the damage is caused by UVA, you can damage your skin even through windows.

It is a good idea to apply sunscreen even on an overcast day as UV radiation can still be high.We have developed a fast-absorbing moisturising lotion, formulated and packed with anti-oxidants, offering a mild, fresh scent of Manuka Oil and the benefits of Vitamin B to improve the appearance of pigment spots and help cells repair from the exposure to environmental stressors such as UV radiation. 

Please note - This does not get rid of darker pigmentation, but helps with moisturising, soothing and nourishing the skin after exposure to UV radiation.

This does not replace sunscreen.

Any unusual spots or moles are best checked out by a Skin Specialist or a Dr at a Skin Cancer Clinic.

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