Body Balm & Butter Lover

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Botanical Chemist Body Balm & Butter Lover
Botanical Chemist Body Balm & Butter Lover
Botanical Chemist Body Balm & Butter Lover
Botanical Chemist Body Balm & Butter Lover

Body Balm & Butter Lover

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If you can't decide if you're a butter or balm lover then this pack is for you.

Featuring both the brand new Bliss Massage Butter with Kunzea & Ylang Ylang and Calendula Balm with Helichrysum (Immortelle oil), to test and see if that helps you make up your mind. 

We don't blame you if you still can't decide and you need to come back for both! 

Why we know you will love them

The Bliss Massage Butter with Kunzea & Ylang Ylang has been created for all the skin addicts who loves the day spa experience and doesn't have time to get there. Kunzea Oil helps relax sore muscles and joints. Massage it into your aching muscles and any sore joints. 

Our Calendula Balm is the perfect addition to anyone who suffers from dry and sensitive skin. It is free from alcohol, preservatives, parabens, PEGS, and lanolin, so does not sting or burn reactive or sensitive skin.

Let's not forget our best-sellers

Whether you are already a fan of these two products or your yet to try them, we know you will love these handy tester sizes to throw in your bag and take with you everywhere you go. Manuka Oil Balm and Propolis Balm are our best-sellers for relief of dry, itchy or irritated skin. 

Best of all once your done with them, you can refill them from the bigger size. 

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Skin Care 4 easy steps
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Being allergic to bee venom is different to being allergic to bee-products. Propolis is made from bee's saliva and pollen, resin and plant extracts. A bee's sting contains the toxin melittin and is meant to discourage potential threats from coming close to the hive and queen bee. It is meant to induce an extremely painful and uncomfortable reaction. A bee uses it's saliva and mixes it with tree resin and pollen to make glue or propolis to patch up it's hive. Propolis exists to keep the hive safe from microbial contamination.

Spray with a toner on clean skin, then massage a few drops of an oil serum, followed by a cream to seal in the oils. Just using an oil serum on it's own will not replace the moisture in the skin. Moisture or water is contained in a cream, not a balm or oil.

A balm does not contain water, so has no preservatives or alcohol which may cause stinging on broken, raw and inflamed skin. Whan the skin is in that condition, it is generally more sensitive and reactive. A balm is also better suited for skin that needs intensive treatment with actives as it sits on the skin for longer and allows better penetration of actives. It also contain waxes such as beeswax or candelilla wax (plant version of beeswax) which will increase hydration of the skin by preventing moisture loss from the skin's surface. It acts as a natural barrier when the skin is broken and compromised. It may feel oiler on the face, so a serum or cream would be better for the face.