DermaGen Eczema and Dermatitis Bundle

DermaGen Eczema and Dermatitis Bundle

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Experience the ultimate in skin relief and rejuvenation with our carefully curated bundle.

Combining the healing power of Manuka Oil with nature's finest ingredients, this trio is designed to soothe, hydrate, and nourish dry skin.

Whether you're dealing with daily skin stressors or more persistent issues, this bundle offers a holistic approach to skincare.

What's Inside:

Manuka Oil Lotion:

manuka oil lotion texture

Purpose: A hydrating, lush lotion that moisturises and soothes the dry or itchy skin.

Key Ingredients: Manuka Oil, renowned for its antiseptic properties, combined with a blend of natural moisturizers. Shea BUtter and Cocoa Butter for extra hydration. 

Best For: Daily hydration and as a base layer before applying other skincare products.     ( Best for 3 years and older. Do not use on raw, open or broken skin). 

Manuka Oil Balm:

Nappy Rash Award Winning Manuka Balm

    Purpose: A balm designed to target specific areas of concern, offering intensive care.

      Key Ingredients: A rich concentration of Manuka Oil, complemented by other natural skin-loving ingredients.

      Best For: Spot treatment for areas that need extra attention, such as dry patches or irritated skin, or on open broken skin ie minor cuts, minor wounds, blisters or grazes. Can be used from 6 months old. Suitable for use on open or broken skin.

      Extra-rich Daily Calming Cream:

      Purpose: A luxurious cream that provides deep hydration and calms the skin.

      Key Ingredients: A blend of nature's finest, including Manuka Oil, to offer relief and nourishment.

      Best For: Nightly use to rejuvenate the skin or for those days when your skin needs extra pampering. Best for 3 years and older.

      Why Choose This Bundle:

      • Holistic Care: From daily hydration to intensive treatment, this bundle covers all bases.
      • Savings: Enjoy a bundled discount while getting the best of Dermagen's offerings.
      • Sustainability: Proudly Australian-made, with a focus on natural, sustainable ingredients.
      • Expertly Formulated: Crafted by experts, ensuring each product complements the other for maximum benefit.

      How to Use: For optimal results, start with the Manuka Oil Lotion as your base layer. Follow up with the Manuka Oil Balm on areas that need targeted care. Finish with the Extra-rich Daily Calming Cream, especially during the night or when your skin needs deep hydration.


      The Manuka Oil Lotion is recommended for 3 years and older

      All our creams and lotions contain preservatives to inhibit the growth of harmful microorganisms. If you have sensitivities to preservatives, we advise conducting a patch test before regular use.

      Discontinue immediately if an allergic reaction occurs.

      For those with broken or highly reactive skin, our oil serums or balms, which are preservative-free, may be a more suitable option, as creams and lotions can sometimes cause a stinging sensation due to their preservative content.

      If you have allergies to any essential oils, please review our ingredient labels thoroughly.

      For those with multiple allergies or a history of skin sensitivity, we offer custom-blending services to meet your specific needs.

      Don't hesitate to contact us for personalised advice on choosing the most suitable product for your skin.

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