Natural Solutions for Infant Eczema

Soothing Baby-Safe Remedies to Manage and Prevent Eczema in Young Children

We know that seeing your precious baby suffer from eczema can be incredibly hard and we get asked a lot if our products are baby-friendly, and we're here to assure you, they absolutely are. 

Our natural baby eczema treatments are designed with your little one's sensitive skin in mind, offering a gentle, steroid-free alternative to create a barrier that works to calm itchy, dry skin and soothe any discomfort.

How can our products help?

Step 1: Gently cleanse with our soap-alternative Liquid soap & Shampoo. This pH-balanced, SLS-free formula serves as a tender facial cleanser, body wash, or shampoo, perfect for a nurturing bath-time ritual. 

Step 2: Apply our soothing Manuka or Propolis Balm to the areas that are irritated, inflamed, itchy or broken from scratching. These balms are infused with natural oils and waxes to not only protect your baby's skin, but they also work to promote healing for new skin to start regenerating. 

Step 3: Our Manuka Oil Cream can be applied to larger areas of the body. Our cream has been called by a number of customers as their number 1 baby eczema cream for the way it is easily absorbed and is deeply nourishing. A little goes a long way in providing your infant eczema relief.

For the older kids, we have the Active 8 Serum which is enriched with calming oils like Lavender and Wild Thyme, perfect for areas that are more irritated and dry. Follow it up with a balm or cream to seal in the soothing goodness.

We always recommend a patch test first to ensure your baby's sensitive skin reacts well to these natural eczema remedies. And if the symptoms persist, please speak with a healthcare professional.

      before 7 after baby eczema           baby results with manuka oil balm

To further enhance your baby's eczema skincare, we've compiled a list of our best  tips and tricks for baby eczema management:

  • Regularly moisturiser your baby’s skin. You can use any other moisturisers like QV, Moo Goo, Dermeze, but our Manuka Oil-infused products are particularly helpful in soothing redness and accelerating healing.
  • Consider wet/dry wrapping to protect the cream or balm from rubbing off and prevent your little one from scratching. Breathable and reusable dressings like Tubufast are ideal.
  • Applying a Zinc Oxide cream, such as Sudocream, over the Manuka or Propolis Balm can act as an additional protective barrier, especially if the skin is wet or oozing.
  • Keep in mind that sweat and saliva can irritate the skin. Regularly clean skin folds that trap heat, sweat, or saliva and apply Zinc Oxide cream to prevent contact with these irritants.
  • Introducing good oils, like Fish Oil, rich in Omega 3,6 and 9, can help reduce inflammation and strengthen the skin barrier.
  • Consider a probiotic that is specific for eczema. Probiotics can help regulate the immune system and minimise flare-ups.
  • Avoid prolonged use of topical steroids, especially around sensitive areas like the eyes, face, or genital areas. The skin around these areas is very thin and absorption is much higher compared to on the legs, hands or body. 


PLEASE NOTE: Topical steroids can decrease collagen production so the skin becomes thinner and breaks more easily. They can also reduce the immune response and delay wound healing.

Tolerance or dependence on topical steroids can develop when used regularly for extended periods of time, or for a shorter time if the steroid is more potent and the skin is thinner. 

If you have used topical steroids daily for a few months, it may be best to taper off slowly ie from twice a day to once a day for a week, before going to alternate days, then 2-3 times a week, letting the body adjust to having the frequency spaced out.

We are always here, working to provide the best baby eczema products and natural solutions for not just young skin, but for skin of all ages and types. 

We hope this offers a little help and that our products or recommendations bring soothing relief to your baby and bring a smile back to their adorable face.

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