Transforming Skin Care for Wound Recovery and Sun Damage Skin

Welcome to our dedicated space for advanced wound healing and sun damage recovery. Our approach combines the wisdom of nature with the precision of pharmaceutical science to offer effective, natural solutions for skin repair and rejuvenation.

Understanding Skin Damage and Healing

Skin damage, whether from wounds or sun exposure, is more than just a surface issue. It affects the deeper layers of the skin, disrupting its natural structure and function. Our products are designed to address both visible damage and underlying cellular repair needs.

  1. Wound Healing: When the skin is wounded, it goes through a complex healing process involving inflammation, tissue formation, and remodeling. Proper care is crucial to prevent infection and minimize scarring. Our products support each stage of this process, promoting faster and more effective healing.
  2. Sun Damage Repair: Overexposure to the sun can lead to immediate effects like sunburn and long-term issues like premature aging and increased risk of skin cancer. Our sun damage recovery products focus on soothing burnt skin, repairing damage, and restoring skin health.

Dermagen's Unique Approach

  • Pharmacist-Formulated Solutions: Every product in our range is carefully formulated by experienced pharmacists, ensuring the highest efficacy and safety standards.
  • The Power of Manuka Oil: Central to our formulations is Manuka Oil, known for its remarkable healing properties. It helps in reducing inflammation, fighting bacteria, and promoting new, healthy skin growth.
  • Sustainable and Kind to Skin: We believe in the power of natural ingredients and sustainable practices. Our products are gentle on the skin and the environment, free from harsh chemicals and synthetic additives.

Rapid Recovery for Skin Grafts

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Why is the Propolis Balm a Game-Changer in Skin Healing?

  • Potent Natural Propolis: The star ingredient, propolis, is renowned for its antiseptic and antibacterial properties. It plays a vital role in preventing infection and accelerating the skin's natural healing process.
  • Soothing and Nourishing: Our balm is infused with a blend of natural oils and butters, providing the essential hydration and nourishment needed for rapid skin regeneration and reducing inflammation.
  • Expertly Formulated: Developed by a pharmacist, the Propolis Balm is specifically designed to meet the delicate needs of healing skin, ensuring a gentle yet effective recovery.

Solution for a White tail Spider Bite Solution

Incredible benefits for your skin 🐝

Propolis's natural composition provides a powerful defense against inflammation, bacteria, and fungi, making it an invaluable ingredient in our skincare products. Its antimicrobial activity, derived from the resilience of plants against environmental pathogens, is harnessed to protect and heal your skin.

This mothers story is just one of many that highlight the healing power of propolis in real-life scenarios.

Key Factors Slowing Down Wound Healing

1. Reduced Oxygen from Poor Circulation: Oxygen is vital for wound healing, aiding in new blood vessel formation and infection prevention. However, poor circulation, often caused by diabetes, peripheral artery disease, or smoking, can limit oxygen and nutrient delivery to the wound, delaying healing.

2. Infection and Biofilm Formation: Infections can lead to bacteria forming a biofilm, a resistant layer that hinders wound closure and healing. This not only slows down the healing process but can also cause increased inflammation and tissue damage. Preventing infection through regular cleaning and proper wound care is crucial.

3. Stress and Weakened Immunity: Both physical and emotional stress can disrupt hormonal balance and weaken the immune system, impairing the body's healing capability. Chronic stress may lead to poor lifestyle choices, further hindering recovery. Conditions like HIV/AIDS or chemotherapy treatments also weaken immunity, complicating wound healing. Managing stress and maintaining a healthy lifestyle are essential for effective wound recovery.

Diabetic Ulcer Treatment

Treatment Approach:

  • Active 8 Serum: Applied twice daily, this serum provided essential nutrients and prepared the skin for further treatment.
  • Propolis Balm: Known for its potent healing properties in diabetic ulcers, Propolis Balm was applied in the morning. Its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities are particularly effective in accelerating diabetic ulcer healing.

The Outcome:

This regimen led to an unexpectedly quick recovery, showcasing the potential of Dermagen's products in diabetic ulcer treatment and emphasising the effectiveness of natural, holistic skincare approaches.

Key Benefit to utalising Propolis Balm for wound healing

Best thing is, our balms have anti-septic properties, reduce the inflammation, soothes the pain, promotes skin regeneration and the natural oils and waxes keep the site hydrated!

These benefits help to ensure minor wounds, cuts, scrapes, stitches, blisters and sores heal quicker with very little scarring.

Supplements that can help with skin healing have high amounts of antioxidants or flavonoids as they reduce free radical damage at the site of injury and help new cells regenerate. Vitamin C is a well-known antioxidant which helps with collagen formation.

We recommend the Herbs of Gold Vitamin C 1000 Plus as a general supplement if you are needing at extra boost of antioxidants and Zinc.

Manuka Oil balm was applied once day

A few words from our customers


We have been using the skin radiance lotion for a couple of years now.
My husband suffers from skin cancers. Before we commenced using the radiance lotion, his face was red, blotchy, dry flake skin.
Since using the radiance lotion the improvement in his skin on his face has been much improved.
We had an appointment with a dermatologist a few weeks ago, & even she commented in how good the skin in his face was. She was very impressed.

Kay Prendergast

Following my sisters advice I have been purchasing DermaGen products for some time now. I have a very dry sun damaged skin and a skin condition called morphea.

The combination of the oil and balm really helps all my conditions especially taking the pain and itchiness out of the areas affected by the morphea. Delivery is prompt and customer service cannot be faulted.

Julie O

Best product I've used, and I've tried many

I started using this Balm on my face with good results so then went on to lower legs and arms. All sundamaged areas (make that acreages - ha,ha.), so need big pot.

I have used many products over the years and yours is the best.

Judith Hill

Utterly amazed with this lotion
I'm absolutely loving your products.

I have very sun-damaged skin with a lot of sun spots and since using this lotion I'm pleased and utterly amazed at what it has done for my skin.

This is by far the best skin lotion I have ever used and I'm so ever grateful for such an excellent product.

Wendy N

Skin cancer treatment
My Dad had a large number of skin cancers ( Basal cell carcinoma) burnt off with liquid nitrogen by his skin specialist.

He has to have this done fairly regularly as a preventative treatment and although necessary it leaves his skin angry, inflamed and very sore.

He decided to try the DG Manuka balm as an alternative to the prescribed steroid cream.

The results were amazing not only did the balm sooth and heal the skin but there is also a lot less scarring than he has been left with previously.

Marnie Kelly

Fantastic for blisters caused by photosensitivity!

My oldest daughter is photosensitive and breaks out in blisters on her forehead from as little as 10 minutes of sun exposure.

We used the Propolis balm on her newly developed blisters and they were almost fully healed the next day!

With the Propolis balm, it didn't make any harsh scabs or leave her with any discoloured spots or scars.

Bonita A

Love, love , love
I have been using the trio for two weeks now.

I have been using the serum and skin radiance lotion twice a day and have noticed that my skin is hydrated and it has reduced the red splotches.

It is always working wonders on my sun damaged cheeks.

I also used both products on my forehead where it looked like it was about to start peopling and haven’t had any peeling occur since .

Sarah William

Working with The Wound Care Space

We are proud to be a part and sponsor this training that has been designed by Lusi from The Wound Educator. Lusi is a credentialed Wound Care Clinician and helped establish pharmacy-based Wound Care and Compression clinics in WA. Lusi's goal is to help more pharmacists provide optimal wound care outcomes and forge a new career pathway.

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