Pioneering Sustainable Skincare: Powered by Australian Manuka Oil & Conservation Efforts

Dermagen's ethos goes beyond mere skincare. Our core lies in a profound commitment to our planet and the treasures it holds. As Australia's pioneering skincare brand, we've tapped into the potent benefits of Manuka Oil, presenting a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional honey-based products.

Our recent commitment and support we have made with Kings Park is a testament to our unwavering dedication to conservation, research, and the ethical sourcing of nature's bounties.

Friends of King Park Logo

While the world celebrates the rejuvenating properties of plants, we're conscious of the pressures honey production can place on our vital bee communities. Our choice is clear and resonant: skincare that not only revitalises your skin but also champions environmental respect and preservation.

This commitment is more than symbolic. It's transformative. With every Dermagen purchase, you're directly contributing to pivotal projects at Kings Park. From groundbreaking seed banking research to the nurturing of vibrant Kangaroo Paws and the safeguarding of rare orchids, your choice makes a difference.

For over twenty years, Kings Park has stood as a sanctuary, a haven for diverse flora and a centre for groundbreaking botanical research. With the invaluable support from Friends of Kings Park and dedicated partners like Dermagen, it's a living testament to nature's magnificence.

King Park Botanical Garden


We invite you to be part of this transformative journey. Embrace sustainable skincare with Dermagen, where every product you choose is a pledge for a brighter, greener tomorrow.

Have you experienced the magic of Manuka Oil yet? Share your thoughts and join the conversation about sustainable beauty.

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